Solution Under One Roof at RS India

RS-India provides you with complete solutions from the development to the finished product. With the virtue of having our Knowledge Partner as SRM AG, a Switzerland based company, we excel in offering meticulous Swiss precision in all our processes and phases of a product. This helps us ensure that the final product that is delivered to you is at par with the Swiss quality products.

It is interesting to know that our product cycle goes through 7 different phases that are supervised by highly skilled experts in that sphere. These phases are:

  • Development

This step marks the foundation of the rest of the process. Our core team of bright engineers analyse the client’s demands intensely and work their magic on designing and developing the required machining products.

  • Sourcing

The next step is sourcing the raw materials for the precision components and machining product. The primary points that we consider while sourcing the elements are High Quality and the Cost-Effectiveness of those products.

  • Machining

Our engineers then work on the Milling, Turning, Swiss-type Turning, Grinding, Polishing and Tumbling & Washing of the Precision Machining. All these precision parts and components are gone through intense screening to ensure that their tensile strength and accuracy is perfect.

  • Surfacing

It is of utmost importance to manage the Surface Treatment in any machining product so that the entire system works smoothly. This is done by Anodizing, Electroplating, UV Printing, Laser Engraving and Liquid Painting.

  • Assembly

This is the phase where we assemble all the components into one set up. We make sure that the final product is again gone through the needful screenings after it is constructed so that even if there are any glitches, they are still corrected until the assembled product is flawless.

  • Stock Management

Managing the stock effectively is yet another challenging but extremely vital phase in our product development and manufacturing service. All the finished products are carefully kept in the right conditions until they are ready for the shipment.

  • Shipment

The final products which are successfully assembled and pass all the screenings are then shipped to the clients. Not only that, we are available for the after-sales assistance as well for our most valued clients. With so much to offer all under one roof, we take immense pride in being one of the top world-class service providers in Swiss Precision and Assembly in machining products!