Swiss Quality in India

Ours is a Swiss company where continuous process improvement is a common organizational aspiration.  We follow an ‘internal improvement engine’ that replaces insistence with evidence. To remove the role of serendipity and avoid ad hoc decisions about process improvement, we add layers and layers of continuous process management.

We follow a systemic approach, where an unflagging search for problems, opportunities, and genuine continuous improvement helps in delivering a better performance improvement result than reactive or ad hoc analysis and hence assuring the final product will be manufactured with Swiss quality.

Here production planning and control is concerned with implementing the plans, i.e. the detailed scheduling of jobs, assigning of workloads to machines (and people), and the actual flow of work through the system. Production is an organized activity of converting raw materials into useful products.

Because of our wide variety of supplies and equipment, we receive orders from globally acclaimed companies. We make sure the products are of best quality and function properly. In order to provide superior products, we use process known as quality control.

Quality control helps to reduce errors and produce products efficiently that are of great quality and that the staff and management alike make minimal mistakes and to achieve this we use Swiss precision across all processes and phases which also comprises with  offering training courses for managers and employees.

Apart from this, our the full-service capabilities handles every step of the process completely in-house, from research and design to manufacturing and marketing.

We work with the beginning of the project, creating a bespoke product strategy to suit the client’s unique needs. Using proven methodologies, we uncover product and market insights that helps both client and the team make informed decisions throughout the entire product development process. Our design research, testing and validation is the guide to crafting the ideal product development strategy for each and every project.

Great industrial design requires teamwork; working alongside engineers and model-makers, our industrial designers use in-depth research and elements of design-thinking to turn client’s concept into an innovative solution.

From extensive research to user considerations, our industrial design team gets fully immersed in the product and the problem it is trying to solve. This immersion and our wealth of experience in a variety of product categories allows us to deliver beautifully-designed, innovative product solutions with enhanced functionalities that fit seamlessly in the environments.

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