Rs India Precision Machining

CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled Manufacturing) process can amaze anyone with the fact of how it actually improves an existing product or component. Various machine tools are being used in CNC systems, such as lathes, drills, and mills, etc. CNC processes utilize a computer-created 3D model, in order to make an item exactly like the computerized model. Some people who don’t know the CNC mechanism accurately, compare it with 3D printers. In 3D printers, a 3D model is prepared using printing which is done through liquefied plastic. But CNC machines literally cut away the redundant part of existing wooden, metallic, or plastic pieces; which results in a stronger, and better product. 

Due to the extended usage of CNC machines, RS India intends to promote its usability throughout the world. Nowadays, CNC machines are used to produce a range of products, starting from decorative to aircraft components. Let’s discuss some of the CNC machine-generated products: 

  • Publishing Equipment

Publishing industries depend on the letters carved into a solid metallic piece to magazines, newspapers, and books. Computer Numerical Controlled Manufacturing machines can actually make the process easier for publishers. With the help of CNC machines, metallic lettered tiles’ production can be amplified. It can assist in improving the bottom line of the publishing process by introducing new advancements to it. 

  • Aerospace Parts

Through precision machining, a variety of aerospace components, and tools can be made. While producing a rocket, as well as aircraft components, it is necessary to make them with utmost precision. Introducing CNC processes allows various companies to create the needed parts’ & components’ accurate renderings in bulk so that they can be mass-produced.

  • Guitar Bodies

Guitar bodies, components, and other musical instruments are being produced in mass with the help of CNC machining techniques. If there are plenty of guitars of the same model that are needed to be made simultaneously, then CNC machines do the task with accuracy. The guitar bodies created through CNC systems prove to be increasingly more consistent. 

  • Surfboards

A lot of creativity, engineering, and minor details need to be considered while making surfboards. Surfboards are actually carved wooden pieces, in which there are various wooden cells filled with air. The air-filled wooden cells help the board afloat. CNC machines help in smooth production of the wooden cells. By opting for CNC systems to produce surfboards, a significant amount of cost can be saved while maintaining premium quality.  

  • Utensils

Through a CNC system, various kitchen utensils can be created, such as spatulas, spoons, mixing bowls, etc. Beginning from wooden utensils or ladles to metallic utensils can be made with the help of CNC machining. While following the same manufacturing process, utensils made up of wood, aluminum, steel, and plastic can be produced. In a nutshell, CNC machining’s benefits cannot be counted if we consider them all. The high-rigidity, high-quality, and high-speed this process introduces cannot be attained by the traditional manufacturing processes. And, if there’s a requirement for mass-production where precision and accuracy matter a lot, no option can be better than that of CNC systems.