Manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry is one that engages in the transformation of goods, materials or substances into new products. The transformational process can be physical, chemical or mechanical.

To built the Indian manufacturing industry into a global manufacturing hub, digital technologies, precision machining or bringing Swiss techniques to India is a key vital essential. There are a number of dynamic forces such as huge and growing market, a large workforce with diverse skills, demographic dividend, assistance from foreign scientists and engineers, research and development centers which are regularly contributing towards transforming India into a major player in global value chains. Make in India version is on the anvil to consolidate the ground for further growth in selected manufacturing sectors.

Industrial problems :

The industry is facing a lot many problems: One of the biggest manufacturing challenges faced by the industry today is the lack of skilled workers and lack of technology resulting in low productivity.

On the other hand, projects in the era are typically time, cost and quality sensitive and as a result tend to be tightly controlled and rigid.

How RS India contributes to the industry

To overcome the abovesaid industrial problems and trade tensions RS India has come up with quality machined and assembled components based on ‘Swiss Precision and Assembling Techniques and Quality’ in India itself. This technology holds tremendous potential and is likely to be decisive in determining the fate of industrial manufacturing companies in the months and years to come.

RS-India offers continuous process management and multiple testing, in combination with a conscientious end control, enabling it to guarantee best possible quality for every order and wide range of services under one roof assuring Swiss quality and precision.

Be it automobile industry or Medical industry or chemical industry or paper industry they now completely rely on this approach of precision machining using Swiss technology to ensure they have what they need to produce their finished products. It is the most trusted technique in the market for nearly any kind of industry.