precision parts in specific sectors

There are a large number of industries nowadays that rely on what precision and custom machining have to offer. Using high precision machining techniques could do a lot for you and your business. The cost savings and the higher quality can only make things better for you and your company.

Thanks to RS India for bringing the Swiss technology of precision machining in India, that makes it possible to produce parts that use the same specifications as those originals. It can be used in various fields such as:

The Medical Field

In the medical field the use of precision equipment makes it easier to ensure that every medical machining parts like hospital equipment, blood purification systems, pulse meters, and many other medical devices  produced  is a perfect fit and meets the most stringent of quality standards.

The Textile Industry

Textile companies generally doesn’t use equipments which are readily available, the industry depends on custom made machining solutions to keep up with the demand. Here in case, RS India provides such kind of custom machining solutions.

The Automobile Industry

Cars and vehicles that we see around, wouldn’t have looked the way they look now. The automobile industry requires precision machining in metal casting processes that forces molten metal under high pressure into a mold cavity for different metal components to craft beautiful single body frames. Precision machine tools are entirely responsible for a large number of different automotive parts. Automotive parts such as carburetor housing, radiator, components for suspensions, bearings, hose,  caps for bearings as well as the engine housing all are required to be manufactured using high quality of techniques, state-of-the-art machines and tools.

The Telecommunication Industry Networking equipments, radiators, PBX equipments used in Telecommunication industry  are to be manufactured with the use of premium graded stainless steel and Brass in varied shapes and sizes. These components are to be manufactured using the varied attributes like sturdy construction, desired Electrical properties and capability to withstand extreme temperature. Therefore there requires precision machining and a certified market vendor like RS India for manufacturing these kind of components.

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