Swiss Precision Assembly in Jaipur

Swiss Precision Technology means manufacturing world in line with the advance technology that is available on the market today—from the machine tool to inspection equipment. Additionally, it articulates the trends in product designs toward closer tolerances and miniaturization.

On the call of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Make in India mission Switzerland-based scientist couple Dr. Rajendra Joshi and his wife Ursula Joshi (RU J Group) have set-up India’s first of its kind ‘Swiss Precision Assembly’ unit in Jaipur, Rajasthan in joint venture of Switzerland based company.

India’s ‘Make in India’ initiative and mechanical engineering industry strives to apply cutting-edge technology, produce high-quality products up to international standards, and further participate in the global value chain. In a bid to match Swiss quality and precision standards for job-works and intermediate services for other industries, Rajasthan-based RS India in a joint venture with Switzerland-based SRM Technologies AG have established Swiss Precision Assembly to make this initiative more meaningful and impactful.

It aims to offer manufacturing solutions to the sectors like Health and Medical, Automotive, Polymechanical, Machine Automation, Laboratory Technology, Photo Technology and Aerospace, etc., where high precision parts play a crucial role for the end products

The plant has high-quality advanced machineries which are imported from Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Japan. Machines are capable of unattended production time of up to 24 hours daily. In Jaipur, the highly advanced machineries worth Rs 300 crores are imported from Japan and Switzerland and the production capacity of this plant promises 5650 MT per annum production and generating employment for 250 workers.

The competition among the developing countries is becoming fiercer and Indian producers are disadvantaged by recent economic gains that have driven up the price level and reduced the competitiveness of Indian as well as Swiss products.

In order to sustain their lead, Indian manufacturers are increasingly emphasizing the importance of efficient and effective production in compliance with international standards. Acknowledging these challenges producers in all industrial sectors are continuously striving to improve and upgrade production processes. This problem will be overcomed through Swiss Precision Assembly.

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